Not Reading

I haven’t read anything in a while but here’s some old quotes I enjoy.

“”We shall fool Satan by baptizing it and making it a truly Christian beverage.”” Tea & Coffee

It’s completely ripped out of context; I love it.

“Pretending to be someone we’re not is hard work, which is why we feel tired after a first date or a job interview or among other we feel we have to project an image for. We are drawn to transparency and long to go where we can just “be ourselves.” It is a relief to not have to pretend to pray more than we really do, or know more about the Bible than we really know, or act more humble than we really are.” The Me I Want To Be, John Ortberg


Dark Words

My mother, who loves me a butt load, tells me my writing is very dark. From the way she informs me of this, the tone she used, I’ve assumed this is not a positive comment. I pondered on that for a bit just now, literally, and there’s nothing super joyful in my life right now that really gets me amped but I have felt like writing lately. So I write what’s on my mind or what’s been an unforgettable event that has occurred in the day(s).
Dark comment of the day: I stared at myself for a good 39 seconds today and seriously almost took the blade to my upper lip. But the blade did not prevail.

All the Money.

I continually shock myself day in and day out as every day passes since a little stint of self denial I had. Never mind the stint, but what I see in myself is a butchers rabbit given a hall pass. Every time I build myself up with the goodness and love for friendship and healthy growth and understanding of the good in me, it only takes a second for darkness to break into my fortress that’s concealed by smiles and moustache to the single thread that links me to hope. More and more I see myself mildly slipping away from the good ideas I challenged myself to take advantage of this year; more and more I give in; more and more I crave for forgiveness, for that moment where He saved me from myself.

Old Man

I went to the coffee shop this morning, enjoyed a cinnamon bun drenched in icing and a superb coffee. I went alone. It’s nice to have breakfast made for me! I could get used to that. Bet part was that the only other people in the shop were two other guys. Old guys. They came together and sat together but hardly swapped words while there. They sat there together, reading their Bibles and looking at their phones. Yes phones!
I think I saw my future!

“It seems that …

“It seems that we must trust people before we let them know anything remotely vulnerable about us, and to ask for more before trust has been built is to contravene a social etiquette dating back to the fall of man.” Searching For God Knows What, Donald Miller

What enables us to want to know people more. Why do we have so many conversations over the same things that procrastinate us from going any deeper in what’s really going on inside our minds.